Maddog® Master Paintball O-Ring Kit

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Replacing the O-Rings on your gun can make a huge difference in performance. If you are having some tech problems with your gun you probably have some bad O-Rings. Leaking air, the bolt not re-cocking, and low FPS are all signs that it's time to replace your O-Rings. The Maddog Master O-Ring Kit has O-Rings for every gun, and even your tanks.

Master O-ring kit Features:

  • 85 total o-rings
  • 5 each of the following sizes 003, 006, 007, 009, 010, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 020, 022, 023, 015RED, 015TANK
  • Handy 18 compartment plastic case that you can pack in your gear bag. Never get caught without the orings you need.

Contains the most popular orings for the following paintball guns as well as orings for your tank. See our gun specific o-ring kits for a complete rebuild

  • Tippmann A5, 98, X7, TPX, Crossover, Gryphon
  • US Army Alpha, Tactical, Project Salvo, Carver One
  • Azodin Blitz, Kaos, Blitz, ATS,
  • Spyder Pilot, Fenix, Victor, Sonix, Electra, MR Series, Hammer 7, Xtra
  • Empire BT Combat, ERC, Delta Elite, TM7, TM15, Omega
  • Empire / Invert Mini, Axe, Sniper Pump
  • Alien Invasion
  • Dye DM and NT Series
  • Planet Eclipse Ego, GEO, Ettha, Etek
  • Proto Rail, PMR, Reflex Rail, SLG
  • Dangerous Power G3, G4, G5, E-1,Fusion
  • Gog eNMEy, eNVy, eXTCy, G-1

And much More!